Gütermann Linen Threads

There are numerous manufacturers of linen threads. I have chosen here to provide some notes on the range of coloured threads by Gütermann of Germany. Bookcrafters favour linen thread because it is very strong even when fairly thin. Thinness is important for reeducing the swell of a book. Good quality coloured linen threads are not easy to find in most haberdashers.

The Gütermann threads are not waxed ~ youmay wish to have a lump of beeswax handy ~ or an old candle stub [115028].

Guertermann linen threads
Guertermann linen threads

The colour range of eight includes two shades of white ~ White and Natural.

White and natural Guertermann threads
White and natural Guertermann threads

One of the attractions of these threads is the narrow spool ~ good for postage! There is also a neat ~ patented ~ friction grip to stopthreads from unwinding.

Guertermann Linen Threads
Guertermann thread ~ Mustard

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