The Blunt Awl

I recall reading a question on a website along the lines 'How do I sharpen an awl'. Here I provide an unusual answer which has provided with me with a new tool ~ and it has nothing to do with sharpening.

I was doing some work in a room at home with a hard-tiled floor The awl rolled off the shelf I was working at and ~ as is the way ~ landed point first on the floor. A few days earlier I had been making an Arkwright book ~ for which some adjustments required poking and pushing with a blunt awl. I used a knitting needle ~ a fair substitute. Now, after a few moments with a diamond sharpening stone I have my own blunt awl.

As serendipity has it I have also found a use for this newfound tool.

A blunt awl working on the spine of an Arkwright book
A blunt awl working on the spine of an Arkwright Book

The main feature of the Arkwright Book enables pages to be added [112566]. To do this the leather straps need to be prised out of their covers at one end. This loosening needs to be shuffled through the threads ~ an ideal instrument for this is a blunt awl.

Three awls ~ one of which is blunt
Two sharp awls and a blunt awl ~
Note the different diameters of the awls

Markings on a blunt awl
Markings on my awl ~
Blue tape marks the blue toolbox ~
Yellow indicates the blunt awl ~ the sticky tape
was added after the earlier picture was taken

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