Book Style named Linnaeus

The book we describe on these pages is an 8" wide ~ 5" tall ~ book with a dustjacket type of cover. The inside paper has been infused with natural wildflower petals. The protective cover is described lower down the page.

Linnaeus style book ~ closed
The front cover of a book bound in the Linnaeus Style

The paper used is handmade heavyweight artists' acid-free cotton rag. There are 8 leaves making 16 sides in all.

A Linnaeus style bound book
Two sections each of two folios ~
Eight leaves or sixteen sides

The simple single thread ~ open back ~ binding gives a lie-flat opening. The full width of every page is available ~ with no appreciable gutter. At making time the number of pages can be decreased or increased.

A Linnaeus style bound book
A well-flowered spread of two pages

Further details on how to make books in the Linnaeus Style ~ and other information ~ is being prepared [117001]

A Linnaeus style bound book
The petals used are cornflower ~ larkspur ~ marigold

To protect the main pages a strong wrap-in cover is provided.

Wrap-around cover of a Linnaeus Book
Wrap-around cover of a Linnaeus Book

The wrap-around cover is made of Hatamkami paper ~ strong hand made paper ~ made in Nepal ~ with a mix fibres from of Daphne and Mitsumata trees.

Internal flap of a Linnaeus Book
Cover flap of a Linnaeus Book ~ ~ It can be tucked around any number of leaves

Linnaeus Book ~ top view
Linnaeus Book and cover ~ view from above

All the books described on this site have been given the names of famous explorers or discoverers. The name Linnaeus is being used as a label ~ there is no link between Carl Linnaeus [117005] and this type of book.

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