Wittenberg Set of Elbe Educational Cards

Postage paid bundle of forty single digits and twenty signs

The Wittenberg Set of Numeral Cards is a bundle of four packs of the [Hamburg Set]. It is identical to the [Magdeburg Set] ~ except that for convenience when ordering from our shop it is priced such that UK postage is paid [Shop for Wittenberg Cards].

Wittenberg cards ready for posting
A set of Wittenberg cards ready for the post

Hamburg Set of cards
A set of Hamburg cards ~
The Wittenberg Set is a bundle of four lots of these ~
packed and ready to post

The Wittenberg Set is available in the shop on our sister site at [wittenberg].

Why Wittenberg?

Our Educational Early Learning Cards are all given names related to rivers around the World. The names chosen have been picked at random from a list of major waterways with short names. There is no relationship between the names of the rivers associated with any set of cards. We also prepare and sell bookcraft kits, and for these we have chosen the names of ~ historical ~ famous explorers and discoverers.

The mathematical series of cards is named after the river Elbe, which flows from east to west across northern Germany into the North Sea at Cuxhaven ~ after rising in the Czech Republic. Continuing this policy of naming cards in a seemingly random way we have used the names of towns and cities on the apppropriate rivers to denote various subsets of the main group of cards. Hence ~ Wittenberg ~ along with Dresden ~ Meissen ~ Hamburg ~ and others.

Wittenberg was known to me ~ after a brief mention in schoolday history lessons ~ as the city associated with Martin Luther ~ who nailed a protesting set of messages to the cathedral door ~ the start of the Protestant Reformation. There is a great deal about all this on the WWW to which readers are referred for more information.

Wittenberg in 1536
Wittenberg in 1536 ~ sometimes called Lutherstadt

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