Magdeburg Set of Elbe Educational Cards

A Numerals Set of Forty Single Digits and Twenty Signs

The Magdeburg Set of Numeral Cards is a pack of sixty symbol and numeral cards. It is a bundle of four identical packs of 10 numerals and 5 symbols. The individual packs are called the Hamburg Set [hamburg].

Magdeburg Set illustrated
The Magdeburg Set of Numeral Cards ~
The Magdeburg Set is a bundle of four packs ~ making sixty cards

Ten Elbe numeral cards with five symbols
The Hamburg Set of Numeral Cards ~
The Magdeburg Set is a bundle of four packs of this

The Hamburg Set is a group of fifteen cards ~ five cards with the common mathematical symbols written on them and ten with the numerical digits ~ 0 through to 9. These will enable short mathematical sentences to be written. Having four of each card ~ the Magdeburg Set ~ will allow for longer expressions containing duplicate numbers or symbols.

The Wittenberg Set is identical to the Magdeburg Set ~ for our convenience in our sister shop the Wittenberg Set is priced to include postage ~ the Magdeburg Set is priced on a 'collect' basis ~ or 'include with other purchases and calculate carriage separately' [wittenberg].

The Elbe Set of mathematical learning cards is described elsewhere [elbe]. It has wide range of numerals and symbols. There are several subsets of cards, named after cities and towns on the river Elbe.

I have no great knowledge of Magdeburg beyond passing mention in school physics lessons of the Magdeburg Hemispheres. There is a great deal of information on them ~ and the city itself ~ on the WWW. I would only be copying chunks of that to develop the topic further here ~ however I could not resist including one illustration from a very old book ~

Magdeburg - centuries ago
An ancient book illustration of Magdeburg on the river Elbe

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