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A mine of information

This busybusydotco site is a source of information on a variety of subjects. It is designed as a helpful ~ educational ~ look-up-and-read-about-it site ~ for all ages.

The site will be more useful when it has the comprehensive index that is planned for later in 2022.<./p>

busybusydotco is not sponsored nor does it run any advertising. It does not collect or require any personal information. It is a voluntarily run mini-wiki-site. It is written in a bloggy style rather than in formal ~ third person ~ textbook English. The site is as secure as can be from any harmful stuff.

Subjects covered at this time are mainly elementary topics in crafts and mathematics. Those subjects are chosen because the current material is input from craft and maths teachers. We may expand in the future.

Our subject matter is all subject to normal copyright laws, but school or home educators are most welcome to copy and adapt any of these resources for their own non-commercial use. Everything is intended to complement and help with your study or work or hobby ~ not replace it.

A detailed description of how the site works and how it is laid out is being prepared. Most references will be followed-up by consulting a numbered page ~ with links of the form ~


The coding of the linkage shown above is invisible ~ it is very disruptive to include it as part of a sentence. It is abbreviated to a simple ~ clickable ~ link in this style [123456]. Wherever possible ~ to preserve the textual flow ~ the square bracket links are held over to the end of the relevant sentence. The clickable square bracket not only creates the link ~ always to a new page ~ it provides a reference to the coded link ~ which is otherwise hidden ~ for those who print out the page. The page numbers ~ unlike book-page numbers ~ have no relevance or logical order. They are simply labels. As with a dictionary there is no order related to meanings or context. In a dictionary the order is alphabetical, with plentiful ommissions. Here it is numerical ~ with no attempt at being sequential ~ and with plenty of missing numbers.

By way of example here are some suggested links ~


~ Bookcraft ~ [bookcraft]

~ Europe's oldest surviving book [117143]

~ Joining threads with a weaver's knot [104328]

Mathematics ~

~ Filling a square with squares [111672]

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