Paper printed with watercolours of flowers

A decorative sheet ~ designed and printed by Tassotti of Italy

Picture of
Printed Tassotti 'Watercolour Flowers' paper ~ HV113778

The flowers

'Watercolour Flowers' is the name given by Grafisch Tassotti for this very English depiction of common hedgerow flowers. It features dianthus, cyclamen, honeysuckle, lily of the valleyand several others

The paper

The 85 gsm paper shown above is printed on B1 sheets by Tassotti. The printed version of the plant is a little larger than it is real life. The pattern is 'one~way~up' ~ V1 ~ and printed, unusally, against the grain. More details on Tassotti papers are available [126493].

Some other floral designs follow

Picture of poppies ~ click picture for details Picture of Edelweiss ~ click picture for details Cornflower paper ~ click picture for details Bunches of Wheat ~ click picture for details

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