Paper printed with Bunches of Wheat tied with Ribbon

A decorative sheet ~ designed and printed by Tassotti of Italy

Picture of 'Bunches of wheat' paper by Tassotti
Printed paper by Tassotti 'Bunches of wheat' ~ HV113786

The flowers

Bunches of wheat is the name we use to describe this paper. The name given by Grafiche Tassotti if 'Frumento'. This paper depicts very traditional posies of stalks of ripened wheat ~ tied in bunches of three or four ears ~ with red ribbons. They are given ~ held ~ or worn for various charm symbols ~ particularly relating to love ~ marriage ~ good harvest or fortune. Sprigs of Lavender are often included ~ to make a larger bouquet.

The paper

The paper shown above is printed on 85gsm B1 sheets of light ivory paper by Grafiche Tassotti of Bassano in Italy. The printed version at a little smaller than real life. The pattern is 'one~way~up' ~ V1 ~ and printed with the grain. More details on Tassotti papers are available [126493].

Similar papers by Tassotti

I have access to some Tassotti papers, and am able to photograph them in order to show a small part of their comprehensive range of decorated papers. Clicking on a picture will take you to the appropriate descriptive page such as this. Alternatively a guide to some illustrated indexes is available [125406].

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