Colourful items of haberdashery ~ printed by Tassotti, of Bassano, Italy

Decorative wrapping paper

Here I illustrate a Graffiche Tassotti paper depicting a variety of items taken from a sewing basket.

Decorative paper with a haberdashery theme
A B4 size sheet of 85gsm paper ~ printed with items of haberdashery

Detail of haberdashery paper
Detail of the above picture.

The paper

This design is printed ~ as are all the others in this wide range by Tassotti ~ on self coloured light ivory paper of weight 85gsm ~ slightly heavier than everyday office papers. It is originally printed on B1 sheets, with the design following the grain [113023] longwise up the sheet. It is shown here when folded down to be of B4 size.

Possible uses for this paper

Covering item such as boxes ~ books. It is intended for use a a gift wrapping paper, but is of sufficient quality to perform well in many other tasks.

Some other Tassotti papers are indicated below ~ click and image for further details

Tassotti ~ small countryside mammals ~ click picture for details Tassotti ~ ditsy blue ~ detail ~ click picture for details Deer ~rabbit ~ hare ~ click picture for details Picture of Edelweiss ~ click picture for details Watercolour flowers ~ click picture for details Tassotti ~ kitchen tools ~ detail ~ click picture for details

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