Paper printed with Bamboo Stalks and Leaves

A decorative sheet ~ designed and printed by GrafischTassotti of Italy

Picture of 'Bamboo' paper by Tassotti
Printed Tassotti 'Bamboo' paper ~ HV113734

The vegetation

Bamboo is a rapidly growing woody plant ~ in the grass family ~ with immensely strong stalks. Some species will grow at the rate of nearly one metre per day. When harvested and dried they turn yellow in colour, and are rot free. They are widely exported from their native countries ~ mainly from East Asia ~ and used throughout the World in the horticulture trade as poles for supporting other plants. In their home countriesthey are lashed together and used as scaffolding poles, with sufficient strength to be safely worked to a dozen stories high. The young shoots of some species are the favourite ~ staple ~ food of pandas. I once heard of a gardener in the UK who had a large area of well established bamboo. It was impossible to get rid of it. Burning did not provide a permanent solution. Even a mechanical bucket-digger could not manage to extract the roots. They flower ~ and reseed ~ then die ~ at very long intervals ~ which can usually be measured in decades.

The paper

The 85 gsm paper shown above is printed on B1 sheets by Tassotti. The pattern is 'one~way~up' ~ V1 ~ and printed so that stems run with the grain, and the leaves hang downwards. [126493].

Similar papers by Tassotti

I show some moreTassotti papers, below. Clicking on a picture will take you to the appropriate descriptive page. Alternatively a guide to some illustrated indexes is available [125406].

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