Dresden ~ Educational Numeral Cards

The Single Digits ~ part of the BusyBusy Elbe Card Set

A range of mathematical symbol and numeral recognition cards is available from the BusyBusy Shop under the title Elbe Cards [Shop for Elbe Cards].

Parts of the full range are available in a variety of ways. These are given labels which are the names of cities and towns on the river Elbe. I call these card bundles Sets. The purpose of the several sets is to enable purchasers to select only those groups of cards that they wish to have. The full range of sets is shown on the Elbe Cards page [cards/elbe].

Here I describe the Dresden Set ~ starting with an antique engraving of Dresden.

An antique engraving of Dresden
An Antique engraving of Dresden
There is a great deal of information on Dresden on the WWW.
There are more notes of interest on the city of Dresden [126819]

The Dresden Set of Elbe Cards is a group of ten cards showing the numbers 0 through 9. With two sets of cards every number up to 99 can be represented ~ with three sets of Elbe cards ~ all numbers up to 999. The sets are randomly named after cities and towns on the river Elbe. There is no significance in the names of the sets of cards - all have been chosen from a variety of geographical locations.

The ten Elbe numeral cards in the Dresden Set
Dresden Set of ten Numeral Cards

Parents, tutors, and carers will find numerous uses for these cards, starting at the very early age of learning whilst their charges are discovering the names and shapes of the numerals. The cards are credit card size ~ printed on substantially thick card ~ carefully designed in consultation with teachers and graphic designers. When the stage of building simple mathematical sentences is reached the Basic Symbols Set ~ the Meissen Set will be needed [Notes on Meissen Cards].

The different sets that available have been designed to minimise carriage costs for those purchasing by mail-order. Carriage is a large proportion of the costs of these cards. Most of the shop prices are for collect ~ postage needs to be added at the time of ordering unless stated in the listing ~ as in Cuxhaven and Wittenberg.

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